List three or more tips you learned through this module for communicating with parents about their child’s progress.

Explain the importance of the types of words/phrases used with parents to facilitate partnerships between home and school.

What considerations should you keep in mind as you explain to parents that their child is not making progress?

1. Communicating effectively with families results in the following: (Required)

Select all that apply.

  • An increased ability of families to support children academically
  • An increased ability of teachers to elicit and understand family views
  • An increased ease of interactions between home and school
  • All of the above

2. One barrier to communication, in which the speaker is seen as preaching, advising, and/or diagnosing is known as: (Required)

Select all that apply.

  • I Statements
  • Showing Power
  • You Messages
  • Attacking

3. The Five Point Plan by Edwards and Da Fonte is meant to foster successful partnerships with families. One strategy highlighted in the plan is: (Required)

Select all that apply.

  • Ask families about supports used at home and how the student responds to them
  • Always respond to families in writing
  • Provide updates (verbal or written) at mid-term and end of term
  • Seek input from the primary teacher to determine how best to address the student’s needs

4. Preliminary studies indicate that ______ (number) contacts with parents in the first month of school provide for better/improved home-school relationships. (Required)

Select all that apply.

  • Three
  • Five
  • Two
  • Seven

5. The most efficient and effective means to communicate with families is: (Required)

Select all that apply.

  • Digital
  • Verbal
  • Non-Verbal
  • Written

Top of Form

1. Within the Danielson Framework for Teaching, the domain that specifically addresses communicating with families is: (Required)

Select all that apply.

  • Domain 1: Planning and Preparation
  • Domain 3: Instruction
  • Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities
  • Domain 2: Classroom Environment

2. Sharing information with families is enhanced when educators value the differences in families. Of the activities listed below, which is an example of family involvement? (Required)

Select all that apply.

  • Saving money for college
  • Studying together for a test
  • Sharing stories of working hard
  • All of the above

3. Results of shared decision-making include: (Required)

Select all that apply.

  • Families providing input into policies which influence students’ education
  • Administrators’ ability to exercise leadership skills
  • The recognition of teacher voice
  • The awareness of brainstorming as a strategy

4. In an effort to include family members in decision-making, LEAs may choose to convene focus groups of families as specific issues arise. This is an example of families serving as: (Required)

Select all that apply.

  • Grade level coordinators
  • Advisors
  • Homeroom parents
  • Board members

5. Involving families in the special education evaluation process results in: (Required)

Select all that apply.

  • Increased understanding of the child’s progress in the home environment
  • Improved communication between home and school
  • Increased likelihood that mutually agreed upon goals will be attained
  • All of the above
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