Liberty University RGLN 104 Quiz 6 Review Test Submission: Test 6 User Cheronda Taylor Course 201840 Fall 2018 RLGN 104-D09 LUO Test Test 6 Started 12/3/18 6:17 PM Submitted 12/3/18 6:46 PM Due Date 12/3/18 11:59 PM Status Completed Attempt Score 59.5 out of 70 points Time Elapsed 29 minutes out of 30 minutes Instructions ·         Time limit: 30 minutes ·         20 multiple-choice and true/false questions ·         Open-book/open-notes ·         Do not hit the BACK button as this will lock you out of the test. · The timer will continue if you leave this test without submitting it. Results Displayed Submitted Answers, Feedback · Question 1 3.5 out of 3.5 points Nietzsche believed that though Christianity was false, it was an important religion that gave people hope and purpose for living. · Question 2 3.5 out of 3.5 points Pragmatism is essentially the philosophy that “whatever works” in any given circumstance determine right choices. · Question 3 3.5 out of 3.5 points A Secularist believes in absolute truth. · Question 4 0 out of 3.5 points Determinism promotes free will. · Question 5 3.5 out of 3.5 points ___________ is the belief that nature is all that exists and that nothing supernatural exists. Naturalism · Question 6 3.5 out of 3.5 points Which of the following is/are true statements about fatalism and determinism? All of the above · Question 7 3.5 out of 3.5 points Determinism asserts that the _________ cannot be altered. All of the above · Question 8 3.5 out of 3.5 points The invention of the Gutenberg printing press influenced both the Reformation and the Renaissance. · Question 9 3.5 out of 3.5 points According to Secularism, God did not make man in His image; man, made God, in his image. · Question 10 3.5 out of 3.5 points Naturalism comes from the belief that if something cannot be proven empirically then it cannot be true. · Question 11 3.5 out of 3.5 points Which book of the Bible is often considered nihilist in nature? Ecclesiastes · Question 12 3.5 out of 3.5 points Who said, “I think therefore I am” which caused him to become a religious reformer. Descartes · Question 13 0 out of 3.5 points During the Age of Enlightenment people elevated the teachings of the Church as the ultimate test for truth since they were being enlightened by the Word of God. · Question 14 3.5 out of 3.5 points There are no logical responses to the Problem of Evil which causes most Secularists to reject Christianity. · Question 15 3.5 out of 3.5 points __________ is credited with starting Nihilism. Nietzsche · Question 16 0 out of 3.5 points The author uses an illustration about 5 blind men and a rhino to illustrate relativism. · Question 17 3.5 out of 3.5 points The beliefs of Secularism include: All of the above · Question 18 3.5 out of 3.5 points By definition, “__________________” is the view that right and wrong depends upon one’s culture, social group, or personal perspective. Relativism · Question 19 3.5 out of 3.5 points __________________ said that “Man is the measure of all things”? Protagoras · Question 20 3.5 out of 3.5 points An “agnostic” is a person who does not believe there is enough evidence to know whether God exists. It is unknowable to that person. Monday, December 3, 2018 6:46:28 PM EST

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