Liberty University EDUC 500 QUIZ 7 • EDUC 500 textbook quiz 7 • Question 1 • •1 out of 1 points •              Ice skating was a new experience for Leonard. He found that he had trouble keeping up with his friends, who had skated many times. After his first evening on the ice a friend invited him to go skating again. Leonard flatly refused, insisting that “It’s not for me–I stink at skating.” Which of the following best describes the attribution Leonard is making to explain his failure at skating? • Question 2 • •1 out of 1 points • •              Our book discusses seven principles for the effective and humane use of punishment. According to our book along with giving punishment, you should reinforce the student for: • Question 3 • •1 out of 1 points •              Research on feedback would support the practice of: • Question 4 • •1 out of 1 points •              Which of the following is one of the most important classroom management principles? • Question 5 • •1 out of 1 points •              A teacher has developed a class rule that covers: listening when the teacher or other students are talking, working on seatwork, continuing to work during any interruptions, staying in one’s seat and following directions. Which of the following would be the best wording for this rule? • Question 6 • •1 out of 1 points •              Recent research on classroom rewards, using older students and school-like tasks: •              . • Question 7 • •1 out of 1 points •A study of teachers’ actions at the beginning of the school year was correlated with students’ behaviors later in the year. The study found that effective teachers expected students to: • Question 8 • •1 out of 1 points •              Nicole was kept awake half the night because her brother and parents were fighting. Nicole’s motivation to perform school tasks will be low today, not only because she is upset about her family, but because one of her needs has not been met. Which need? •              . • Question 9 • •1 out of 1 points •              A student believes that her reason for success in reading is the effort put into the task. The student’s locus of control is: •              . • Question 10 • •1 out of 1 points •              Which of the following types of rewards are recommended for home-based reinforcement programs? • Question 11 • •1 out of 1 points •              Which of the following statements would a student suffering from learned helplessness be likely to make? • Question 12 • •1 out of 1 points •              A student has done well on a test. Which of the following feedback statements from the teacher would be best, based on the discussion in your text? • Question 13 • •1 out of 1 points •              Maslow’s deficiency needs are those that are critical to physical and psychological well-being. When they are satisfied: • Question 14 • •1 out of 1 points •              According to the principle of least intervention, which of the following strategies would normally be tried sooner than the others, following minor misbehavior? • Question 15 • •1 out of 1 points •              If misbehavior persists, parents should be: • Question 16 • •1 out of 1 points •              A great deal of allocated instructional time is lost because the teacher does not start teaching at the beginning of the period. This can be a problem in self-contained elementary classes, especially, because: • Question 17 •1 out of 1 points •              In classroom management, boredom-caused behavior problems need to be addressed using: • Question 18 • •1 out of 1 points •              Ms. Watkins notices how listless and bored students seem when they enter class after lunch. Misbehavior seems to increase as a result. Based on the discussion in our text, the best strategy for reducing such misbehavior is likely to be: • •1 out of 1 points •              A student plays the role of the class clown. The teacher isolates the student from peers using time out. Which of the…

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