Liberty University CJUS 601 Quiz 5 · Question 1 1.5 out of 1.5 points In her study of community policing (1999), Susan Miller adopted the role of · Question 2 1.5 out of 1.5 points if the researcher is interested in utilization of police services by assault victims, it is helpful to establish victimization with · Question 3 1.5 out of 1.5 points Qualitative methods emphasize · Question 4 1.5 out of 1.5 points The validity of a phone survey may be undermined when · Question 5 1.5 out of 1.5 points A researcher may choose to use several related questions in order to measure a variable, which is known as · Question 6 0 out of 1.5 points A skip pattern is · Question 7 0 out of 1.5 points Questionnaire organization should include · Question 8 1.5 out of 1.5 points Creating clear and meaningful questions are important, but the choices you provide respondents in closed-ended questions are also important and include · Question 9 1.5 out of 1.5 points An example of an omnibus survey is the · Question 10 1.5 out of 1.5 points Ramon introduces himself at the regular monthly meeting of the Fraternal Order of Police as a researcher who wishes to learn about how the organization is structured. He is granted permission to attend meetings and interview members whenever mutually agreeable arrangements can be made. He becomes a regular figure at meetings, sitting in a back row and taking notes. His role as a field researcher is that of: · Question 11 1.5 out of 1.5 points A systematic approach to sampling in participant observational research is · Question 12 1.5 out of 1.5 points Examining relationships is the centerpiece of the analytic process because it · Question 13 1.5 out of 1.5 points Likert-type responses generally ask respondents to · Question 14 0 out of 1.5 points Writing survey questions · Question 15 Needs Grading A researcher is interested in studying illegal drug markets. More precisely, she is interested in examining the extent to which drug dealers have abandoned legitimate ways to achieve the American dream. She wants to use a qualitative methodology but is unsure whether she should use complete observation, participation and observation, or covert participation. For each strategy, write one paragraph in which you highlight the advantages and disadvantages of each. Based on your review of each strategy, which would you recommend to study illegal drug markets? Explain your answer. Participant observation is the method in which the researcher as an actor

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