Liberty University BIOL 101 QUIZ 8 Study Guide: Quiz 8 Quiz Preparation Tasks: Your Answers andNotes 14 An Infinity of Diversity 14.1 The Challenge of Classifying Life’s Diversity A problem that confounds attempts to organize the entire living world for study is that it is unknown how many separate ____________ of life forms exist on this planet. kinds A problem that confounds attempts to organize the entire living world for study is that there are too many organisms with too much overlapping ____________ to support a simple means of classification. complexity A problem that confounds attempts to organize the entire living world for study is the need of evolutionists to bring the entire diversity of living things ultimately into ____________ ____________. 14.2 Classification: Engaging the Challenge Seeking to scientifically name each variety of life form found and relate it to other similar species is a discipline known as ____________. The term ____________ refers to attempts to derive a biologically meaningful filing system for organizing genera and species. Systematics What criteria are used for collecting species of organisms into a genus? Using latin Roots Compared to a species, a ____________ is more inclusive, with broader structural and functional variations. Genus Be able to properly write the scientific name for human beings according to the rules for naming species. The convention used for representing scientific names for newly discovered species is that ____________ root words are used in order to name the organism’s primary ____________ ____________. List these 4 taxonomic levels in their correct order, from least inclusive to most inclusive: species, genus, family, order List these 5 taxonomic levels in their correct order, from least inclusive to most inclusive: family, order, class, phylum, kingdom 14.3 Characteristics Used in Classification List and describe 7 basic characteristics used to classify living things. 14.4 Using Characteristics: Priorities and Presuppositions The state of flux in modern systematic groupings could best be described as/seen ina variety of conflicting kingdom or ____________ structures. Domain List 2 currently accepted classification schemes shared in your text. Each scheme attempts to take in all known organisms. A and b In the mind of evolutionary theorists, separate clades (large groups) derived from a single common ____________ at the point where clade lineages meet. ancestor In the minds of design theorists, separate clades (large groups) derived from separate ____________ in the Mind of a Designer. Concepts 14.5 Using Characteristics to Derive Groups List the names of 10 groups of living organisms and a representative species of organism belonging to each group. Escherichia coli List 10 small sets of defining characteristics that can be used to place organisms within each of the 10 groups. 15 Ecology: Interactivity by Design Your textbook describes two sequential ____________ of interaction between organisms and their environments that have existed since God’s creative work began. Phases 15.1 Thinking like an Ecologist: Exploring a Lake Name the 3 zones of life found in a lake. Littoral zone, limnetic zone, profundal zone The phytoplankton of a lake would be found in highest numbers in the ____________ zone. Limnetic zone During the springtime, a light wind blowing across a lake will foster the process of lake overturn. This timely event will bring together accumulated ____________ with living ____________. Explain how the unusual relative densities of water and ice are critical to the viability of life in a deep lake. 15.2 Hierarchical Organization in Ecology List the names of several different levels of organization at which ecology is studied. Studying competition between the Peaks of Otter salamander and the Eastern redback salamander would be an example of studying ecology at the ____________ level. community At which of the levels of organization listed above…

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