Are parliamentary democracies with electoral systems (such as proportional representation) that encourage small parties better able than our own democracy to give a voice to the many interests that characterize our increasingly diverse national populations?

Some issues to consider are how the role of a Prime Minister differs from that of the American President and whether you believe parliamentary systems are more efficient or fairer than the congressional system used in the United States.

***500 word narrative + the below sources:

Turabian citation style.

Types of sources that MUST be included for this assignment:

  • One book (or chapter from a book) – in addition to course text
  • Three scholarly journal articles
  • Two articles/reports published by a governmental organization.
  • One article/report published by a reputable non-governmental organization.

*Once my instructor approves the topic, I will post an additional assignment for you to complete a 10-12 pg paper on the topic.

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