Reflect: This discussion is a wonderful opportunity to understand how you approach tasks, situations, and people. You will accomplish this by describing how you use your Learning Patterns based on the results from the LCI assessment. This understanding is crucial to your growth as a learner. If you are aware of why you act, feel, and think the way you do, then you can be intentional about how you use your Learning Patterns. Write: In your initial discussion forum post, List the numeric scores and level of use (Use First, Use as Needed, or Avoid) for each of the four Learning Patterns. Identify whether you are a Dynamic, Bridge, or Strong-Willed Learner. Describe how you use Sequence personally, academically, or in the workplace. Precision personally, academically, or in the workplace. Technical Reasoning personally, academically, or in the workplace. Confluence personally, academically, or in the workplace. Describe how taking the LCI changed your understanding of your own learning. Include any surprises or how the results may have validated what you know about yourself. Your initial post should be a minimum of 250 words I work for Head Start in the toddler classroom, I also have a second job besides taking care of my child and going to college. ( just some info about myself ) I have also uploaded my LCI scores

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