To help the managers deal with the first 48 hours after an attack, whether this is a simple data breach or a major infrastructure attack, develop a set of simulations that managers can engage in that will provide scenarios of attack and routes to respond within the first 48 hours. The simulations should be interactive, require managers to make critical decisions, and see immediate results of their decisions. There should be at least two different simulations, one for a data breach and one for a major infrastructure attack from multiple sides. While both simulations should have multiple choices for how to respond, least one of the simulations must have a minimum of 5 pathways based on decisions the manager makes. Each pathway should be a possible response to the threat with explicit steps and consequences of taking that path.


Exceeds Competency

90 – 100


Grammar, spelling, sentence structure; Cite sources in APA format from reputable reference materials


All work is in APA format with appropriately cited sources; no grammar or spelling errors.Uses complete sentences, well formed paragraphs, and graduate level word usage and complex sentence structure.

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