Part 2: Diversity Issues Analysis (4 pages – 50 points)

Research best practice diversity policies of other organizations. How does your organization compare? Major gaps? What are the organization’s major diversity issues? The most important or key one? Describe behaviors related to diversity insensitivity that are affecting team performance.

What efforts are being made to deal with specific issues or issue? What is working well? What are shortcomings? What are the obstacles in the way of moving forward in applying a diversity policy or policies so that teams can function more effectively?

You should be able to identify all key issues that diversity in teams can generate as well as pick up more subtle secondary issues that may arise on team diversity that impede collaboration.

Part 3: Diversity Goals (1 page – 30 points)

On the basis of your needs analysis, what goals will you set to deal with a specific diversity issue? Your goal statements must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and with a timetable. Goals should indicate specific observable changes in behavior that you expect to see (behaviors that are negatively affecting team performance). LOOK AT THE POWERPOINT THAT DESCRIBES SMART GOALS.

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