It’s a leadership class team presentation about Team Strengths Based Leadership Assessment.

Please help me prepare one ppt slide and presentation notes based on my part.

My part is talking about our team strengths which is harmony and woo. (Harmony is also one of my strengths, but woo is from others in my team)And how to how your team can maximize harmony and woo strengths both personally and professionally as a team.

Our team background just do presentation things and class activity. Please make sure prepare at least 3 minutes presentation notes.

The requirement is:

At the back of every Strengths Based Leadership book (be sure to purchase a new book, not a used one) is a unique access code to the StrengthsFinder assessment and website. For this assignment, please take the assessment and compile the results for your team. Prepare an 15 to 20-minute team presentation of your team’s top strengths for the class. Include a summary of each strengths based leadership domain (e.g. execution, influence, relationship building, and strategy). Then identify at least 3 ideas for action for your team based on the collective strengths and how your team can maximize these strengths both personally and professionally as a team. Then also identify at least 3 areas for improvement or potential blind spots based on the collective strengths missing from assessment grid.

I will upload the Gallup result of the definition harmony and textbook google share link. (The doc might need download, because the file is too large.) And our team ppt.


textbook link…

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