Chapters 3 & 4 deal with health care system topics such as types of managed care, medical specialties, contracts, and laws that preserve and advance the health and well-being of individuals. One such law passed by the US Congress is Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987 to protect and promote the rights of older adults living in long-term care facilities. One of the resident rights is the right to receive adequate and appropriate care from their health care providers but unfortunately, a third of nursing home residents are victims of abuse and neglect. This number, regrettably, is estimated to increase significantly in the coming years.

Negligence results from unreasonable and/or unintentional acts or with a disregard for the consequences. During your internet, newspapers, or magazines search for court cases involving negligence, please identify a case where a nursing home or assisted living facility was held liable. After reviewing the article, write a brief, one-page summary of the court case. Be sure to include a statement of the outcome as well.

Examples of nursing negligence: Bedsores, infections, and falls resulting from carelessness and lack of paying attention as necessary; Malnutrition and dehydration resulting from leaving resident unattended for too long, ignoring his/her needs, or simply refusing to feed and provide water.

Paper format: Written material should be typed in a 12-point font, single spaced. Please include the source of the article.

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