LAW ANALYSIS INSTRUCTIONS Part II After reviewing Chapter 2 in the Kirk, et al text and researching major court cases (either in Liberty’s database or through Questia in Cengage/Mindtap), students will choose two landmark, special education court cases by stating the facts of each case, the rulings of each case, and the implications to special education. Please review the grading rubric to make sure all needed points as well as proper formatting are covered. At least two citations should be included in your paper with two References from credible sources. Please set up your paper with the following headings, using APA formatting throughout: Law Analysis Part II Introduction Landmark Court Case #1: Background Rulings Implications to Special Education Landmark Court Case #2: Background Rulings Implications to Special Education Conclusion References (Include at least two References tied to direct citations in your paper.) Submit the Law Analysis Part II by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 5.

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