You are to write an historical fiction story on what it was like to make your journey to America. The timeframe must be the late 1800s. You will have to do research, in order to make your story historically correct. Tip: Watch the words you use in your story. Be mindful, word and phases we use today, may not have been used in the late 1800s. Below you will find an example of a story that one of my students Genevieve Biggers in my Global History class at John Jay College of Criminal Justice wrote.

You must include a work-cited page in order to receive full credit. This assignment is worth 6 points and there are no late submissions.

The assignment was for the class to write a historical fiction story were they were the conquerors of the civilizations. I switch it up, sometimes they are to write as if they are the conquerors and sometimes, it is from the view of the people being conquerors.

Father of Nations

For God, Queen, and Spain did I set sail. To save the unrepentant savages of the Americas.

Our arrival was met without incident, as a soldier who spoke the devil’s tongue had made preparations ahead of my company. And indeed, I was greeted by the pathetic “king” and an entourage of young women. Before me stood twelve sturdy, yet delicate female figures. All of them short, dark, and savage in a way that it was almost beautiful. They were not the women of home, but they would do for entertaining myself and the men. I looked at all twelve of the mujer joven in contempt. Eleven of them looked down or away from me. Surely they had never seen such a man before. It wouldn’t have shocked me if they had known men however, they were after all savages. For a moment, I pitied these poor savage women. But one of the women held her eyes up to me, her body passive and her eyes held—boredom.Utter boredom for my magnanimous presence. Occasionally she would roll her eyes or shake her head at whatever my soldier or the Chieftain said. But after her terse interludes, she returned that same bored glare back to me.

“Ask him if any of these women speak that other language. Starts with an “n”,” I ordered the nameless soldier. I look down at them all before me. “The one you don’t speak apparently.” I made no attempt to hide my disdain for his incompetence. The soldier muttered pathetically before returning to the chieftain to ask. I returned to the staring contest between the twelfth and I. Only rarely did she break her gaze, but it was not of submission, it was only to roll her eyes at the chief. One of the other girls whispered to her, but the twelfth did not care. She only shook her head, and return to bored glare. I felt the devil tempt me with her, to push her into submission.

The chieftain said an ugly name, and the twelfth looked at him. She went to him, seemingly respectfully. After a short interlude, she and the savage were presented to myself and the soldier. “He says she is called Malintzin, a slave girl from people called the Aztecs. They live in the heart of the continent, and they speak Nahuatl. She knows the languages, sir,” the soldier said pityingly. “And according to the chief is quite persuasive.” Her eyes have now changed, and what was once bored now was alert. I smile down at her, and her alertness changes to that familiar sight: panic. “Tell her, she is to be called Doña Marina, and she will now be in my employ,” I order the soldier. “And that she had better pick up Spanish.”nI turn from the savages and look at the shimmering waters in the far off coast line.

write 1-2 pages

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