— 9. For each track with genreid = 9, list the track name, album title, and artist name sorted by artist, then album, then track.

— 10. Modify number 9 to add the Name from the MediaType table to the display.

— 11. For every track in the Playlist named “Grunge”, list the TrackName, Album Title, and Artist Name. Sort by artist name and then album title.

— 12. For each track with GenreId = 2, list the trackId, name, unitprice and if the trackid has a match in the Invoiceline table, list the InvoiceId.

— 13. Use the UNION operator to combine 2 queries. The first query will select the trackid and track name plus a value of ‘Comedy’ for all tracks with a genreId = 22. The second query will select the trackid and track name plus a value of ‘Drama’ for all tracks with a genreId = 21.

— 14. Create a list of the album titles (list each title only 1 time) that contain a track in the Electronica/Dance genre.

— 15. Create a list of the artist names (list each artist only 1 time) for albums that contain a track in the R&B/Soul genre.

— 16. Create a list of all customers who live in the same city and country. List the city, country, and both customer first and last names. Be sure to eliminate all duplicate lines. (self-join)

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