Part 1B (W4LO2, W4LO3) (CLO3):  Write two – three paragraphs (400-words minimum) explaining the following: Þ Overarching primary problem Þ Questions & information/data that led to the root cause Þ Additional information/data you would like to have to find the root cause Þ The root cause for the identified problem Þ The solution to the problem Þ The viability of the solution for the problem Include evidence from the case study and/or rationale to support ALL of your statements. Use the Basic Writing Elements and Root Cause Analysis models located in the course Resources. Use 12 pt. black font: Times New Roman. The text box will expand to fit the narrative. Part 2: Essential Competencies and Root Cause Analysis – Reflective Response (W4LO1, W4LO2, W4LO3) (CLO3): Directions: Submit a 300-word minimum reflective response. Use the Basic Writing Elements and Reflection models located in the course Resources to reflect on your capacity to apply the Essential Competencies (7-12) and root cause analysis to reach solutions. Consider the following: Þ Your agreement and disagreement of your peers’ posts regarding the aspects of the problem. Þ Were you open to differing perspectives from your peers? Þ Did your peers’ comments influence your ability to identify the primary problem? If so, in what ways? Þ How well were you able to find the root cause to the problem? Was it difficult? Þ How confident do you feel about your recommended solution to the problem? Include evidence and/or rationale to support ALL of your statements.

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