Main que:The use of encryption can have adverse effects on incident response and incident investigations; however, from a security standpoint, encryption is a major component in network confidentiality. Present your argument for or against an “universal key” which would allow investigators the ability to decrypt data for an investigation. State your position and back-up your stance with 5 or 6 sentences supporting your stance from information you found in related cases or arguments made in online publications. Do not plagurize, use your own words when presenting.

provide replies to below discussions each in 150 words.

Aman-One of the security measures that has been adopted in ensuring data security is through encryption. To Huang, Dai, Leu, & You (2015), encryption allows only people with cryptographic keys to access information which is an important aspect when it comes to data confidentiality. Under the CIA triad, it is important to encrypt data to ensure that incidences of data snooping while being sent over the internet are avoided. To Runnegar (2017), various cases of date being breached have been reported especially when this data is not encrypted. Therefore, this indicates the importance of encrypting data in today’s internet usage era where cybersecurity issues are a major concern (Augenstein, 2015).

However, as much as encryption assures confidentiality, it impedes investigation. Back in 2015, the FBI director Mr. Comey indicated that strong encryption used in tablets, phones, and laptops may inhibit investigations from taking place, as only those having the right credentials can access these devices (Claburn, 2015). According to Augenstein (2015), for investigation to be carried out, there ought to be enough information and data to facilitate prosecuting an individual. However, when people refuse to decrypt information, the investigation department cannot convict an individual (Runnegar, 2015).

According to Huang et al. (2017), encryption is one of the ways of destroying evidence. To Runnegar (2017), one of the ways of destroying electronically stored data is using a strong encryption to and forget the cryptographic keys which can be similar to flushing drugs down the toilet or throwing the murder weapon in the lake. Under such circumstances, the relevant authorities may find it hard to carry out investigation.

In conclusion, as much as electronically data needs to be encrypted, it is important to define a legal framework that will ensure that investigators have access to this evidence when it is needed.

Gow-The utilization of encryption keeps the specialists from getting to potential proof. Decoded information helps in giving profitable data which can be utilized during examinations. The most universal key is utilized to make high verify information discussion. The agent may utilize programming by utilizing private keys and passwords to get to the required data. Examiners may procure these security keys on speculate’s device.

The private key might be spared or recorded for future reference incase overlooked. Now and again where information is erased, even in the reuse, clients may figure it can’t be gotten to once more. Specialists have a method for recouping the erased data since regardless it exists in the arrangement of the machine. PC criminological agents have subtleties on getting to data covered up by the suspect. They recuperate the information utilizing their legal apparatuses in a fitting manner.

For instance, the clients may change the name of the document to maintain a strategic distance from doubt. The disarray raised by the client or the suspect may cause the specialist to require progressively definite data for them to finish their examinations. Information unscrambling helps the law in distinguishing security blemishes. For a situation where security officials get to information sent by fear mongers, it might be utilized as proof. Encryption has turned into a significant component in verifying information and making individual reports classified just as guarding them. Anyway much expensive encryption might be, one may take the expenses for them to verify their information.

There are numerous progressions coming up in the field of PC criminology subsequently the agent should refresh themselves by inquiring about new data under their vocation field. One ought to know about the difficulties to confront and the answer for them. The agent ought to know about the various sorts of encryption used to shroud proof and the strategies to use so as to find them.

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