After reading Christian G. Appy’s chapter, “Who We Are,” from American Reckoning, explain what insights you gained from the reading.

Craft your post to respond to these questions:

  • Does reading Appy’s chapter make you reconsider our (the United States’) role in the world? Why or why not? Explain your thinking with specifics from the text. Be sure to include at least one key quote.
  • Why do you think we, as Appy notes, “continue to be seduced by the myth of American exceptionalism” (335)?

Directions and Requirements:

Post your response to the Canvas discussion board under “Discussion Post #4.” Along with your initial post, reply to at least one other classmate to help develop our online class discussion.

Credit for “support writing” will be offered here based on the depth of your response to the prompt. Be sure to cover both questions. Don’t forget to edit and proofread your posts before you submit them.

As you respond to these questions, go with your own reading of the text. Copying or borrowing from commentary on the text from the open web is not acceptable. Don’t Google it; use your own impressions. Please remind yourself of the GCC Plagiarism policy; it applies even in an informal discussion post.

Be sure that your initial post is at least 200 words and completed by 10/10, 10:00am, on Canvas. Reply posts should be at least 100 words and completed by the same deadline.

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