The reading provided is: Machiavelli’s “The Qualities of the Prince”

-I provided an example of the format the paper should be in (empty).

-I also provided pictures of the text. You can also search online for a summary. At the end of the questions, do a small journal entry.

–Answer the pre-reading questions:

1. Why does Machiavelli praise skill in warfare in his opening pages? How does that skill aid a prince?

2. Is it better for a prince to be loved or to be feared?

–Answer Critical reading questions:

1. The usual criticism of Machiavelli is that he advices his prince to be unscrupulous. Find examples for and against this claim.

2. Why do you agree or disagree with Machiavelli when he asserts that the great majority of people are not good? does our government assume that to be true too?

3. Politicians-especially heads of state-are the contemporary counterparts of the prince. To what extent should successful heads of modern states show skill in war? Is modern war similar to wars in Machiavelli‘s era? If so, in what ways?

4. Clarify the advice Machiavelli gives concerning liberality and stinginess. Is this still good advise?

5. Are modern politicians likely to succeed following all or most of Machiavelli‘s recommendations? why or why not?

–Then answer the following:

1. Define the terms ends and means, and explain why they are important.

2. Compare Machiavelli‘s advice with the behavior for a specific politician- past or present.

3. Under what politician circumstances might the ends justify the means?

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