Assignment Content

  1. Your company is getting ready to conduct a complete overhaul of the performance management and compensation systems for your organization. Your team has been selected to conduct a systematic review and training on job evaluation for the HR professionals within the department. Your goal is to help your HR peers understand both the need for a comprehensive job evaluation process and the relationship between employee compensation and performance.

    Choose a company name.

    Create a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft
    ® PowerPoint
    ® or Microsoft
    ® Sway
    ® presentation that your team will use to train HR professionals about job evaluation principles and best practices.

    Include the following in your presentation:

    • Define job evaluation.
    • Outline the process of job evaluation.
    • Describe the procedures/guidelines used to conduct a job evaluation.
    • Explain the benefits of implementing a comprehensive job evaluation process with clearly defined performance goals and metrics.
    • Describe the four methods of job evaluation along with the advantages and disadvantage of each method.
    • Evaluate various types of employee compensation and their relationship to job performance and evaluation.
    • Use visual aids and graphics to enhance your presentation.
    • Include clear and specific presenter’s notes.

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