You will create a basic guidance plan for a child named Jana. In each module you will be provided with new information on Jana. Using your critical thinking skills, analyze the information presented and reflect upon it. Step 1: Review the Information on Jana Jana is a 4 – year old girl. During the summertime, Jana’s mom works from home in order to provide childcare for Jana and her older sister, Jolena, who is seven. Over the past few months, Jana has been displaying some challenging behaviors: She talks a lot and ignores any and all requests to be quieter or stop talking. She climbs on top of tables and counters and it seems she is always getting into something, even when told not to. She often laughs because she thinks it’s funny when the adults get frustrated with her. It’s a new school year and Jana is returning to the home child care that she attended during the previous school year. The child care provider has noticed that those behaviors persist in the home child care setting. Step 2: Write a Reflection In a minimum of 2-pages (not counting the title page and reference page, if applicable) address the following: Discuss what you think might be going on with Jana, based solely on the information provided. Identify two (2) reasons for what might be causing the behavior. Select two (2) developmental domains (PILES) where she needs additional support. Use professional language including complete sentences and proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation throughout your paper. Include a title page and cite any research sources in APA format,

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