Instructions Create any class that you want, to demonstrate that you know how to create classes and objects. Create fields and getter/setter methods (1 point) Create at least 3 private fields (attributes/instance variables) for your class You must use at least 3 different data types for your fields Create getter and setter methods (1 point) Create a getter (accessor) method for each of your instance variables Create a setter (mutator) method for each of your instance variables Create 2 methods (1 point) Create a method called display, that simply prints out the values of all instance variables of your object Create another method that will do something related to your object that changes at least one of your fields value Create 2 Constructors (1 point) Create a default constructor (no parameters) that assigns all your instance variables to default values Create a parameterized constructor that takes all instance variables as parameters, and sets the instance variables to the values provided by the parameters Testing your program (1 point) Create another class called . This class will contain your main method Create an 2 instances of your class (objects) by using the default constructor. Call all your objects set methods to assign values to your object Create 2 instances of your class (objects) by using the parameterized constructor Displaying output (1 point) Put all 4 objects into an array or ArrayList, and then loop through the array and call the display() method for each one

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