It involves getting to know a soldier who has, currently is, or will be serving in the military (if possible one who is, has, or will be deployed in a combat zone).

The solider can also be one who has been wounded or has died.

The soldier can be someone you personally know, but be sure to get their permission, and make sure they know you would be sharing their story in a small group of students.

In 250 words or (more double-spaced) share that soldier’s story.

Find out as much information as you can, for example: their home town, branch of service, age, where they were deployed,their job in the military, rank, etc.

Also look for information that tell you something more about them as a person, their family, why they joined, what they think about serving in a time of war, what others think about them, etc.

Include a picture of the solider in your report.

Include a word count

There are numerous sources for information on soldiers, a few example are:

Faces of the Fallen

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