kindly need full answer it 403 fundamental database

1.Give an example of 3 relations illustrating primary keys and foreign keys.

4 Marks

Learning Outcome(s): LO7

Use Structured Query Language to perform queries and to perform relational operations.

Question Two

Consider the following relations:

Student(sID, surName, firstName, campus, email)

Course(dept, cNum, name)

Offering(oID, dept, cNum, term, instructor)

Took(sID, oID, grade)

Such as:

Offering[dept, cNum] ⊆Course[dept, cNum]

Took[sID] ⊆Student[sID]

Took[oID] ⊆Offering[oID]

Answer the following query using relational algebra:

  • Give the Student number of all students who have taken the course number “343” by the department “CS”.
  • Find sID of all students who have earned some grade over 80 and some grade below 50.
  • Find the Terms when the course number “369” by the department “CS” was not offered.
  • Find the Department and course number of courses that have never been offered.
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