Use the excel sheet as a reference. question one: Let’s calculate the Closing Cost (in column M) for ALL properties. It is determined based on the Style of the property and is summarized in the look-up table in R24:T26. Note that on th elook-up table, the first column is the style of the property, the second column is the county code, and the third column is the corresponding closing cost. The county code is not used for the calculation. Select ALL of the correct answers below. You will have to get all the answers right in order to receive credit for this question. a. The correct formula for property #101 is: =VLOOKUP(M2,$R$24:$T$26,3,TRUE) b. The correct formula for property #101 is: =VLOOKUP(E2,$R$24:$T$26,3,FALSE) c. The correct formula for property #101 is: =VLOOKUP(M2,$R$24:$T$26,2,FALSE) d. The closing cost for property #125 is $400. e. The correct formula for property #101 is: =VLOOKUP(E2,$R$24:$T$26,2,TRUE) Question number two: Go to the bottom of the list. The average of all the Sales Price is listed in cell J120. Notice that Propery #218 is listed but not sold yet. How much does Property #218 need to be sold at (to be shown in cell J119) in order for the average sales price to become $100,800? Only enter whole number in the answer box; no dollar sign, no comma, no decimal point. answer: __________ question three: Add a Total Row to the table. Display only the properties with 1 bathroom. What is the Average Sales Price of all the 1 bathroom properties? Write your answer in whle number; no dollar sign, no comma, no decimal. answer: _____ question four : Create a PivotTable to calculate summary statistics. Use the following filed as labels: Style, Bedroom, and Date Sold. And use the Sales Price as the value field. Answer the following questions: 1. What is the number of Condo properties with 2 bedrooms that were sold in May 2013? answer: ______ 2. What is the average sales price for all the Ranch properties with 2 bedrooms sold in April 2013? answer: _______ Make sure you enter whole number only; no dollar sign, no comma, no decimal. You will need to get both answers right to receive credit for this question. question five: Conditional format the column Sales Price to highlight the bottom 7% of the price in green. How many properties have a green highlighted cell? a. 11 b. 10 c. 9 d. 8 e. 7 question six: Calculate Condo Fee in column O. Only those properties that are condos with 2 or more bedrooms have to pay a condo fee of $150, listed in cell S7. Enter a formula to calculate condo fees for ALL the properties. What is the correct formula (use property #101 as an example)? a. =IF(E2=”Condo”,150,IF(F2>=2,0,0) b. =IF(AND(F2>=2,E2=”Condo”),S7,0) c. =IF(OR(E2=”Condo”,F2>=2),S7,0) d. =IF(AND(E2=”Condo”,F2>=2),$S$7,0) e. =IF(OR(F2<2,E2="Condo"),S$7,0) question seven: To calculate the warranty cost, the following criteria are used (as in R10:T12): If a warranty is purchased (that is, the value in Warranty purchase is Y), then the warranty cost is determined by the age of the property. The cost is $200 when the age of the property is less than 5 years old, and $300 when it is greater than or equal to 5 years old. When a warranty is not purchased (that is, the value in Warranty purchase is N), the warranty cost is 0. Use a nested IF formula to calculate the warranty cost in column L for All the properties (remember to autofill). Choose ALL the correct answers below. You have to pick all the correct answers to receive credit for this question. 1. The correct formula (using propery #121 as an example)…

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