Isadora Movie ( First 4 questions can find in 30 min from beginning of movie -Last 7 from personal research and movie)

Just answer each question for 2-5 sentences clearly is fine. No directly copy and use simple way to answer.

deadline is Oct. 13 noon EST.

Link is movie link。

Isadora Duncan was an American modern dance who claimed her Fame dancing throughout Europe. After moving from California, she lived in West Europe and the Soviet Union, from age 22 until her passing in 1927 at the age of 50 years old. Isadora actually only gave birth to 3 children but was reported to have adopted several more throughout her lifetime, The following questions are based on the film we watched in class as well as personal research. (Links to an external site.)

  • What did Isadora vow on her 12th birthday? & how did she consummate this vow?
  • Isadora likened her movement and choreographic style to something that was constantly referred to in the movie, what was it?
  • After her audition, the man auditioning her told her she had great what and to come back when she had more of what?

  • Where did Isadora say she learned to dance?
  • When asked if she wanted a dance school for rich kids, why did she say she didn’t want to call it a dance school and who did she actually want to teach?
  • Why do you think Paris Singer hired the ugly pianist Armand?
  • Isadora’s first two children died in what type of accident?
  • When promised a school in Russia to teach children, what was the actual outcome for Isadora?
  • Why do you think Isadora ended up marrying Sergei?
  • When she returned from Russia for her performance with Sergei, what was the public’s reaction?
  • How did Isadora die, and was there any foreshadowing of this death written in the movie?

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