This work has two part:

1.IRP Memorandum ( use my work and do not change topic).

Use my old draft IRP(almost done work) and my old data, Improve my work. use template.

Summary: In this Independent Research Project (IRP), students provide a business decision recommendation using SAS primarily and Excel as needed to obtain real-world data. The student will create and submit a business report that clearly communicates a recommendation based on their analysis of the data set that includes an analysis of different courses of action using weighted factors. The students will also create a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes their IRP and present their analysis live, via video-teleconference or as a recorded video presentation. The student will also answer questions about their presentation. Note: The IRP should involve either conducting an ANOVA or Regression Analysis to prove your research question findings as previously specified in your “IRP Research Questions and Data Set” submission.

2. IRP Presentation

Make a power point( no need style) use the work from the work IRP Memorandum you done and my old work. and write a 5 mins speech for me. use simply word.

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