Read Chapters 1 and 2 of Human Aggression and Violence: Causes, Manifestations and Consequences. Your assignment is to choose one of the theoretical constructs, the General Aggression Model or the I-3 (I cubed) Theory. Define and analyze your choice of the construct as it relates to a real case situation involving aggression and violence that you are familiar with through your profession, media, or personal research.

You can base a portion of your response upon your own personal and professional experience. Provide a logical comprehensive analysis of the reasons why you would consider continuing or changing the current technique or tactic. Your response should go beyond the obvious and be written at a graduate level. Your answer must be no less than 1,600 words, and you must use three resources to support your position. Any resources including, but not limited to, journals, magazine, and/or books must be properly cited using the APA style.

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