Guided Response: Post replies to at least three peers before the close date of this discussion. In your replies, consider asking questions of peers about their responses to encourage further conversation. In your review, identify areas  in your understanding of UDL that could be expanded upon for greater clarity. Provide specific, constructive feedback regarding your peers’ ideas for including the learned information in their plan for the Week Six Final Project. KELLY Provide a succinct summary, in your own words, of the key concepts that make up UDL. People of all ages learn differently and at a different pace.  UDL wants to maximize learning for all, which means to reduce the barriers of the school and community.  UDL is made up of three words, Universal Design Learning.  Universal means the curriculum should be able to be understood by everyone no matter the disability or intelligence.  Design means the learning has to be flexible.  If things are designed for those who are in the margin, it will work.  Learning means what is being learned, how is it being learned, and why is it being learned.  UDL helps teachers customize curriculum. Discuss how UDL and the incorporation of technology can be used to individualize learning for students with varied backgrounds, learning styles, and abilities and thereby create increased opportunities for learning. UDL and technology allows flexibility when it comes to education.  It may seem like all the students are on the same assignment when working with technology, but the teacher has the ability to change the level of the work.  Some students will shut down if they get embarrassed about the modified work they are given.  Technology allows those modifications to go unnoticed by the student and other classmates.  The teacher and parents will be able to see what level the child is working on and the progress being made.  If the child is finding success in the lesson, they will be more likely to continue to actively participate in their learning and in the program.  This works for students with or without disabilities. The flexibility works for all ages. Discuss the impact that using UDL may have on your current or anticipated teaching or professional role. The impact will raise the student’s grades, self-confidence, and success rate in the classroom.  By doing all of these things, the kids will want to participate more in the classroom.  A positive, self-confident student is likely to be more active in their learning.  By reading about UDL, it has allowed me to see different ways to teach the same lesson to a variety of learning levels.  UDL is not just for special education teachers anymore.  “Although UDL was conceptualized in special education, the focus is on use in general education classrooms (Edyburn, 2013). Share an idea; including what you learned to inform your initial response to this discussion, how might you include what you’ve learned about UDL in your plan for the Week Six Final Project: Community Event? UDL is about helping the entire student body/community as a whole, disabled or not.  It is up to me to notify my community about the great opportunity we have in front of us before it is time to vote.  As an educator, I would make sure the community understood how the upgrades would benefit our schools and learning levels throughout the district.  Not only would the younger children benefit from the upgrade, the students in adult education would as well.  I would get the word out about this wonderful opportunity by having a power point running at the community event.  I would also be there to answer any questions and provide examples of how technology would allow our classrooms more flexibility with all of our students. Resources: Edyburn, D. L. (2013). Critical issues in advancing the special education technology evidence base. Exceptional Children, 80(1), 7-24. Edyburn, D. L. (2013). Inclusive technologies: Tools for helping diverse learners achieveacademic suc…

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