Note: you may write a draft of your blog post in a word processor and then copy-and-paste it into Black- board. This can be helpful because a program like Word automatically counts the words for you – and any simple formatting (like bold, italics, or underline) and hyperlinks will copy over into Blackboard (please do not use more complicated formatting, which may not come out right in Blackboard). You can also write your blog entry directly in Blackboard if you prefer. 1000-1200 words

Sources: Your blog posts must refer to (and properly cite) readings from the syllabus and Blackboard as well as other articles or opinions you find (the balance between these will depend on the questions you choose). You can also find other analyses and opinions on the internet; the Web Links section on Blackboard will take you to organizations and research institutions that may publish relevant articles or studies. Part of this assignment is to show that you have read, understood, and evaluated various readings for the questions you choose. See additional suggestions and a more detailed grading rubric below.

Note: “Topic” here means topic on the syllabus; “Question” means the subject of your blog!

Questions for First Policy Blog

1.Why is there so much “populist” opposition to free trade and globalization in today’s world, in the United States and other countries? Consider some of the main fears or criticisms of trade liberalization policies and globalization effects and give your own evaluation about whether (or in what ways) the current anti-trade, anti-globalization sentiments are justified or not. As much as possible, try to identify specific impacts of trade and globalization that you think are either beneficial or harmful, and discuss whether fears of these effects are warrant- ed or not. You should start with the readings posted on Blackboard/Content for Topic 1, but there are also relevant readings under other topics (for example, Bivens and the “Short readings” under Topic 3-5) and you are welcome to search for (and cite!) other sources.

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