Lesson 8

Activity 1: Case of the Elusive Euro-Consumer

In teams discuss what happened when the Leo Burnett Company attempted to market to the Euro market with a one size fits all message.

Activity 2: Analyzing Companies’ Developing, Marketing, Launching, and Managing Strategies.

In teams pull together all of the company information each member found in the Task. Each member should have their infographic either on paper or electronically to share with the group.

Looking back at what you discussed in the first case of the elusive Euro-Consumer, compare what each of the companies your group found did to successfully develop, market, and launch into the international market.

Together come up with a consensus model that depicts outstanding strategies that could be used by a company just entering the global market.

Make a graphic or quick guide for companies to use.

Activity 3: Locating Capital

Your team has been assembled by the chief financial officer of a consumer-goods company based in Mexico. Your company wishes to expand internationally but lacks the necessary financial capital. Your team’s task is to research the options.

  1. What financing options do you think are available to your company?
  2. Considering the prevailing situation in the Mexican and international capital markets, why is each option feasible?
  3. Why are certain options off limits, given prevailing market conditions?

Activity 4: Case Study Toyota

In your team read and analyze the Toyota case at the end of Chapter 15. Use the following questions to guide your discussion. However, you will also need to do more research on the company and strategies.

  1. Chrysler engineers helped Toyota develop its Sienna minivan. In return, Toyota provided input on automobile production techniques to Chrysler.
  2. Why do you think Chrysler was willing to share its minivan know-how with a key competitor?
  3. Considering financial, marketing, and human resource management issues, what other benefits do you think Toyota obtains from its production system?
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