Drawing on what you have learned about research methods, read the attached article. Then identify the important component and the limitations of the study.

Be sure you include information about:

  • Purpose of the study (researchable question—what is being studied specifically) (1 pt)
  • If it is correlational or causal (1 pt)
  • Predictor (independent) variable—be specific about how it is operationalized! (1 pt)
  • Outcome (dependent) variable(s)—be specific be specific about how it is operationalized! (1 pt)
  • Participants (who researchers collected data from/about) (1 pt)—be exact!
  • Findings (2 pts)—be precise!
  • Critique of the conclusions, including at least 2 limitations or other potential variables that could explain these findings (2 pts)
  • Writing quality (1 pt).

Details for Assignment:

  • Bullet points are allowed but the purpose and critique must use full and complete sentences.
  • You must upload your assignment to Canvas as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file (no emailing assignments)

Relevant Documents:

Lead Exposure and IQ NPR.docx

Essay 1 Assignment Details F19 lead exposure article.docx

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