Considering the Week Two Learning Team collaborative discussion, “Data Types and Risks,”(AT THE BOTTOM OF THE INSTRUCTIONS) you had with your team, create a PowerPoint® presentation for Ben. Its a requirement to use information from the attached chapter as one of the references for the PPT The 8- to 10-slide media-rich Microsoft® PowerPoint® with speaker notes should include: The main uses for an IT system in Ben’s business The most common risks associated with this system A prioritized list of the risks identified Mitigations to handle the risks Justify the prioritizations, including how likely the risk is to happen and the potential for harm from that risk. This media-rich presentation should include multimedia such as graphics, pictures, video clips, or audio. Note: This assignment contributes to your final project in Week Five, “Security Policy Presentation: Final Project,” in which you will compile your PowerPoint® presentation slides from each week’s individual assignment to create your final presentation. SCENARIO: Learning Team Collaboration: Data  Learning Team collaborative discussion, “Data Types and Risks,” USE THIS SCENARIO TO CREATE THE PPT You have been contacted by Mr. Ben Rutherman. Ben owns a custom graphics shop with customers from the business community, as well as from schools, non-profits, and individuals. His brother recently had information stolen from his business, and Ben is very concerned about the safety and security of his business, including his e-commerce website. For the next few weeks you will be working on an Information Security Policy for Ben and his graphics shop. This week you need to discuss data types with your team. In Week Three, you will look at Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. In Week Four, you will look at protecting the data using access controls and authentication. The final security piece will be added in Week Five, managing wireless, cloud, and application security, with the completed project submitted as the Week 5 Individual assignment, “Security Policy Presentation: Final Project.” Discuss with your team the types of data that are stored, accessed, and transferred to others at Ben’s graphics shop. Assess the risk to this type of data and ways to mitigate the identified risks.

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