In a carefully crafted professional letter, write a rhetorical analysis of the article. What is the authors claim and purpose? How does the article use rhetorical devices to make an argument and convince the audience? Are there biases the audience should be aware of? You should end your letter with your recommendation on how your university should (or should not) use big data to impact a specific aspect of student success. Write a well-developed, thoughtful business letter in response to the scenario below. Scenario: A member of your University President’s Cabinet read an article from Educause entitled, “Using Big Data to Improve Retention and Graduation Rates” (“Using Big Data to Improve Retention and Graduation Rates” by Bill Schmarzo and emailed it to the other vice presidents. Always concerned with enrollment, retention, student success, and graduation rates, they are considering how they may best use data in helping the university and its students.

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