Big Ideas: ? Review information about immigration to the United States in the late 1800s ? Think about: Angel Island vs. Ellis Island o What countries were immigrants coming from? o How were immigrants treated? o What jobs were immigrants doing? ? Choose a character for your storyboard / PowerPoint Presentation ? Pick a country they are coming from ? Male/female ? Age ? Where to the US did they immigrate? ? Research immigration to the United States in the late 1800s ? Use your textbook, online links and information from Discovery Education videos ? Extra research links are your portfolio lesson 6 ? Think about: why did they leave their home country? o What was their port of entry? o What community did they settle into in the US? ? Use notecards or a word document to organize your research ? Keep track of all the websites you use! ? How does your characters _________ affect their immigration/experience? ? Age? ? Country of origin? ? Gender? ? Education level? ? Level of English? ? Make a storyboard / PowerPoint Presentation ? historically accurate ? talks about your character’s life BEFORE, DURINGand AFTERimmigration ? What are you turning into me? ? A story about immigration o Storyboard: create a table with 8 boxes: think comic strip ? At least 8 panels(squares) ? Created on a word document ? OR: PowerPoint: 1 slide per panel ? Use both words and pictures o If you use pictures off of the internet, you must cite where you got it ? If you DO NOT cite where you got your pictures off the Internet, I will send your portfolio back to you. o If you are a good artist: draw pictures and scan them into your project ? Work cited page : remember you are doing research for this portfolio and also cite your pictures.

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