In this Case Study, imagine you can interview the forensic scientist who studied the blood evidence. Write the questions and answers from the interview. Be sure your questions demonstrate what you have learned about blood and blood-spatter evidence. Please use the reading to help you with this question and have some of your insights as well in your answer. NO OUTSIDE RESOURCES SHOULD BE USED FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT. Read pages 195-231.…

Graham Backhouse (1985)

Graham Backhouse was accused of killing his neighbor and attempting to kill his wife to collect his wife’s life insurance. Backhouse’s wife had been injured in an explosion of a homemade car bomb. Backhouse claimed his neighbor had a grudge against him, and the bomb was really intended for him. When police arrived at the Backhouse home, the neighbor, Colyn Bedale-Taylor, was found dead from shotgun wounds. Backhouse had sustained wounds to his chest and face. He claimed self-defense. The blood-spatter evidence contradicted Backhouse’s statement. The blood spots on the kitchen floor were those made by dripping blood, circular in appearance and not what would have been produced by a violent encounter as Backhouse related. His wounds appeared to be self-inflicted. Chairs and furniture had been overturned on top of the blood spots, indicating a staged crime scene. Backhouse was convicted of the murder of his neighbor and the attempted murder of his wife.

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