Illustration Essay Write a 750-1000 word essay about a topic in which you argue for the existence of a particular phenomenon by stating a generalization about the topic. Then you will support that generalization in the form of a thesis statement by choosing to write a single-example illustration essay or a multiple-example illustration essay. Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to measure your mastery of those conventions by putting your knowledge to practice. In a larger context, the purpose of writing an illustration essay is to convey an idea to the reader by providing illustrations (examples) that will solidify the existence of a topic. Process: For the illustration essay, you will complete the following steps: 1. Choose a topic: 2. Decide if you want to write a single-example or multiple-example essay: 3. Collect illustrations: 4. Craft your thesis statement: 5. Write the essay: Stylistic details: All essays must meet the following requirements: • 750-1000 words. • Write in Times New Roman, 12 pt. font. • Include one-inch margins on all sides. • Use double spacing (top-to-bottom every page, to include above and below titles and centered words). • Include an APA title page (for all essays) and reference list that includes all of the sources used in the essay. • Include a header. • Include page numbers (upper-right corner only). • Adhere to APA convention and documentation style. • At least one source is required. All sources used must be cited.

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