please respond to the following paragraph. Give your opinion Please respond with 300 words,12 font times.

If I was president of the United States, and Iran had violated the nuclear proliferation treaty, I would use option #2. Option #2 says to condemn Iran’s actions, strengthen sanctions, yet renew negotiations. I believe this is the most peaceful and reasonable way, and wouldn’t risk U.S. relations with other strong countries. If Russia and China were to get on board with us, we would pose a great threat to Iran. Iran would maybe complete their weaponry, but would be foolish to try to take any course of action against us. One of the biggest pros about this option is also that it doesn’t include an act of violence.

Option #1 is the most destructive and unproductive way of handling the situation. It would cause devastation and war, which could be avoided. This would also provide an image of the U.S. making erratic decisions would not contribute to the spread of globalization. Option #3 would make the U.S. appear weak. I think this decision is poor, because it is not really a strong course of action. Other countries would also be hesitant to support this option.

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