Please make sure everything is your work or no plagiarism. I have to submit it into safe assign. It is one of the most important essay for the course.

I choosed a topic ketogenic diet but if you have better topic please send me two or three of them before you start writing. I want to choose.

First I want you to send me initial research paper draft in 24 hours

Second I want you to send me the rough draft in 36 hours

Finally I want you to send me the final draft 6 days.

Professor instruction

Research Essay

Choose a topic that you are already interested in and passionate about but also want to learn more about. Use databases and other credible on-line sources to gather information about your topic. You will first complete an annotated bibliography with three credible sources, including the proper APA formatting and a summary. Synthesize the information into a unique perspective driven by your own thinking about the topic. Your audience is your educated peer group. Your purpose is informative and explanatory rather than persuasive.


  • Essay of at least 1500 words (approximately 6-7 pages, typed and double-spaced)
  • References page with at least three sources (you will probably consult more sources, but I am requiring you to cite only three sources)
  • Quotes embedded in the text from each of your minimum of three sources
  • A strong thesis representing your original thinking about the topic, supported by your research
  • APA formatting throughout, including the title page, abstract, and references page (none of these count toward your final word total)
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