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  1. Explain how moral sensitivity and moral intensity apply to the unethical behaviour among several SNC-­Lavalin executives and other staff.

The executives of SNC­Lavalin were quite morally sensitive because as they indulged in the corrupt activities, they used to cover up methods. For instance, in Nigeria, they used an employee, whereby they told him to use his own money to pay for a ‘soil investigation’. Later, they reimbursed the employee using a fictitious company. This is an indication that the executives knew their actions were wrong, and their sensitivity to morals compelled them to run their operations in the dark. They also used genuine terms such as ‘agent fee’ to sugar coat and justify their immoral doings (Elango & Paudel, 2010). Some employees had high moral intensity. They would refuse to heed to the demands of their executives and got terminated. Some even tried to sue the company for luring them to practice unethical activities and fired them when they became resistant. Those working in the company had low moral intensity, but it wasn’t their fault . The company’s culture had managed to corrupt their perception, and they tried to reach the set expectations by being submissive (Elango & Paudel, 2010).

The topics assigned to the groups refer to specific chapters from the textbook. • Do additional research on the subject. • Use your own experience from life, employment and other situations. • Look at real-life examples given in your textbook or other resources. • Answer the questions in approximately 1 to 2 pages using single spacing and standard 12-font size. Do not copy from your textbook or other resources. Use your own words to develop your answers. Use examples to support your discussion. Plagiarism is an offence and will be seriously dealt with resulting in a failing grade. You need to reference any resources that you may have used on a separate page. This will form the written part of your assignment. • Develop a PowerPoint presentation on your assigned topic outlining the main concept areas. During the presentation, you will discuss the main concept areas of the subject with appropriate examples. • You will be given a 10-minute time-slot to present in the class.

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