English Unit IV Discussion Board Question (VZC)

In this unit, we have discussed both the introduction and the literature review. Throughout the process of writing both of these sections, you have no doubt gained a better understanding of the controversy that you are exploring with your paper. You probably have a better sense of your argument and what you would like your points to be for your body paragraphs. Consider what you have experienced over the last few units. We are at the halfway point in the course, so think about how far you have come.

In this reflection, introduce your classmates to your project. Tell them about the pro and con sides of the controversy, and present them with your thesis statement. Then, consider some of the following questions as you reflect upon the road so far. If you want to, explain a little bit about your process. What have you experienced so far in writing your paper? Was it difficult or fairly easy to come up with your design? Do you feel confident about your progress so far? How do you feel about your thesis statement? What would you like to do in revisions? What step seems the most difficult or the easiest for you?

I have comment on my classmates discussion board question UNIT IV

I have started my project working on a very sensitive topic, the tragic events on 9/11/2001. There is so much information out here on this topic, due to the vast media coverage across the world. I am using the pro-side of my argument to talk about how the government had done what they could to prevent an attack of this magnitude, and how they had anti-terrorism plans in place. I will also discuss their immediate response to defend our great nation, in the aftermath of that tragic day. I learned during my evidence research that Osama Bin Laden had been a known threat, and multiple air strikes were conducted in Afghanistan prior to these attacks. The con- side of my controversy is that the government ultimately failed the American people based on their lack of significant policy. They knew from inside information/sources that the Trade Centers, Sears Tower, and Pentagon were targets. They knew that the preferred method of hijacking was aircraft. Why was airport security so lax? Why was TSA not created until after the attacks, instead of the government being more proactive in regards to the threats? If it was known by the United States government that the Trade Centers were a target, why did building security tell people to return to their offices after the first tower was hit? Experts say they should have been warned of this, and knew that another attack was eminent; and could of saved countless more lives. There are a lot more facts that will be mentioned in this paper, but I tend to believe the government did fail the American people based on all the research that I have conducted. The thesis statement that I have chosen for this paper is: Most everyone can agree that September 11th was one of the deadliest and saddest days in our great nation. However, there is so much uncertainty about information regarding the United States’ government, and if their failures contributed to the catastrophes that occurred that day and continue to transpire. I have found some more credible sources while using CSU’s library, but a lot of sources still seem to be too emotional to be taken as fact. The design of my paper has been challenging, because talking about both sides of the controversy is hard- when there are a lot more sources faulting the government than not. Finding the sources I ultimately have been using has been the most difficult, but now that I have all my information; it is a very easy topic to write about in the sense of information available.

Discussion Board Question UNIT V

In this unit, we have focused on revising and editing; understanding expectations; gaining perspective on your writing; ways to outline your paper; the importance of keeping the reader in mind; and how you can best read, process, and respond to feedback. Part of the revision process is sharing with others about what you have experienced. You never know what might help others in their process. Further, sometimes it can help you to better understand and reflect upon your process when you have the opportunity to write it down.

For this unit’s discussion, consider the process you have gone through as you revised your paper so far—the introduction and literature review. What have you found to be most helpful for you? What would you share with others about your process? What techniques, tips, and methods have you used to help the process go more smoothly for you? You can also describe methods that were not as helpful to you and what you would like to do in the future that you think might be better.

Keep in mind that the spirit of this writing is to think about ways that you and others might improve your writing process.

HY1110 Unit IV (VZC)

Unit 4: The Dec. of Independence, Bill of Rights, the Constitution, or Hamilton vs. Jefferson


Top of Form

Crew, this Unit was loaded also with a tremendous amount of fascinating events–one more exciting than the next! So, So, as we have done in the past, here are the question options for this week’s board. Have fun!

Declaration of Independence: The men who authored and signed the Declaration of Independence were essentially committing an act of treason against the British Crown,an action that was punishable by death. In signing the Declaration of Independence, did these “traitors”, in your opinion, make the right decision to break free of Great Britain? Why or why not?

Bill of Rights: Which of the 10 amendments that make up the Bill of Rights do you believe is the most important in preserving the American way of life? Explain and support your choice. Which of the 10 Amendments has been violated the most? Explain and support your choice.

US Constitution: There were constant debates regarding the philosophy that framed the US Constitution. Reflecting on your reading during this unit, how were the different viewpoints resolved to achieve ratification? Can we see those differences in the American society and culture today? If so, is it to our benefit or detriment? If not, in your opinion, when did the differences disappear?

Articles of Confederation: Could the Articles of Confederation have been salvaged in lieu of a Constitution, or were they destined to fail? Why or why not?

Hamilton or Jefferson: Whose political philosophies were more appropriate for the new country: Hamilton or Jefferson? Support your choice. In 2018, whose views would be more appropriate for the United States? Support your choice.

Make sure to proofread your posting to ensure that it reflects your argument, effort, and professionalism.

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I have to comment on my classmates discussion board question

The Articles of Confederation set up a body of government by one delegate of each of the 13 states. The decisions had to be made by majority vote, but did not have a strong leader defined.Without a strong leader no organization is able to succeed. The colonies were hesitant to make strong rules because they didn’t want to be seen the same as the tyrannical British government. They had no power to impose tariffs and had zero revenue. They relied on the states to impose taxes and each was different. These differences created a weak and unsustainable government.

HY 1110 (VZC) Unit V

Unit 5: Presidential actions, Dolly Madison, and Slavery


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Crew, this Unit addressed events from post War for Independence to the institution of slavery in the mid-19th century–that’s quite a wide range of events in our nation’s history! The questions to capture this range are below.
Have fun!

Presidential actions: Washington and Adams were the first to “walk through the fire” as the first President and Vice-President under the new US Constitution. Reflecting on your reading from this week, what were the major crises faced by the Washington and Adams administrations? Are these crisis similar to the crisis faced by President Trump? Why or why not? Crew, make sure to consider outside the boundaries of the United States when you reflect upon this question.

Dolly Madison: Was the influence of Dolly Madison a pro or con for her husband in this age of Republican Motherhood? Support your answer.

Institution of Slavery: When many hold an image of the antebellum south with huge plantations holding hundreds of acres of cotton fields being worked by slaves is what comes to mind. However, the slave-owning elite comprised of less than 3 percent of the southern population. Why, in your opinion, is this the majority’s understanding of the antebellum south? Are there factors that continue to foster this understanding?

Make sure to proofread your posting to ensure that it reflects your argument, effort, and professionalism.

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