Question 1



Grade Earned
















If the professor asked you if you would like the mean grade or the weighted mean grade, and your goal is to get the highest score in the class, which would you choose? Why? (Show the calculation of each type of mean) What weighted category made the greatest impact on the weighted score?

Question 2 – Work is required for 1, 2, and 4. Hint: Use the Notations and Symbols area. It should help you.

  1. If P(A) = 0.45, P(B) = 0.40, and P(A ∩ B) = 0.15, then P(A U B) =
  2. If P(D) = 0.79, what is its complement?
  3. Are A and B (see #1 in this section) mutually exclusive events? Justify your answer.
  4. If P(E ∩ F) = 0.5, and P (F) = 0.75, what is P (E | F)?
  5. In #4, in this section, which event, E or F, happened first?

Question 3 – Each question has only one answer. Work is required for every one ending in an asterisk. *

Four vitamin and five sugar tablets identical in appearance are in a box. Those are the only things in the box. One tablet is taken at random and given to Person A. Without replacing it, a second tablet is then selected and given to Person B. What is the probability that

  1. Person A was given a tablet of some type?
  2. Person A was given a rock?
  3. Person A was given a vitamin tablet?
  4. Person B was given a sugar tablet given that Person A was given a vitamin tablet? (The underline is a hint)
  5. neither was given vitamin tablets? *
  6. both were given vitamin tablets? *
  7. Person A was given a sugar tablet and Person B was given a vitamin tablet?*
  8. Person A was given a vitamin tablet and Person B was given a sugar tablet? *
  9. exactly one person was given a vitamin tablet? *
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