I have 8 qusaion with a short answer but i want it when i open the exam in an hour from the time that i send it to u. Explain what normalization is, including the goal of normalization. (In your own Words) Discuss how the database approach and the nondatabase approach differ in terms of ensuring the security of the user’s data. Describe the procedure for converting a table to the third normal form. (own words) The basic relationships are one-to-many, many-to-many, and one-to-one. How do you create each type of relationship in the information-level design? (own words) Concerning the Logical Database Design Process, discuss why we should not mix static data (doesen’t change hardly or at all) and dynamic data (changes frequently) together in the same table. Be specific and give an example. Discuss in your own words the importance of a DBMS supporting concurrent updates. What could happen if a multi-user networked DBMS does not support concurrent updates? What is the difference between a table in second normal form and one in third normal form? (own words) Keyboard Shortcuts Explain why the impact of failure is greater in database processing, compared with the nondatabase approach. (In your own Words) Keyboard Shortcuts

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