I have a online course which needs to finish 5 -?? minute audi o narrative with 6 -?? 10 slides .I will make the video by myself . I need you to help me find the resources and make a 6 -?? 10 slides ppt and the “speech draft” ( words that I speak in the video). This is not a paper so all the resources or work (ppt and speech draft) that you can find or copy from the internet. Choose one disease from those: SARS, Syphilis, Smoking, Second-hand smoke, Waterborne Disease , Teen Pregnancy. The sample presentation is here: The requirement is here: Presentation Rubric Presentation Rubric LOGISTICS Clarity, organization, informative level and presentation style Organization and clarity (8 points) Topic on the slide Full name Time limit (5-6 min.) Presentation style Clarity No. of slides: 5-10 /1 /1 /2 /1 /1 /2 PRESENTATION SLIDES Final presentation should include the following: 1. Public Health Problem Description and analysis of the specific PH problem. Please include: 1. Why does this problem exist in this society? 2. How did this happen? 3. Where did this happen? 4. What are the risks for the community in the future? 5. What are/were the etiological factors? *Each step needs to be clearly identified on the slide(s) (include step number and heading) 2. How to solve the Public Health Problem How the problem needs to be solved or how was it solved with specific examples referenced. Please include: Description of 2 strategies, such as PH intervention programs and PH policy Please add 2 examples of how the problem was solved from other cultures/countries or from history. 3. Public Health in the Future How to prevent the PH problem. Please include: Conclusion with justification from research literature: what should be done to PREVENT the reoccurrence of the PH problem. Add your opinion on the PREVENTION of this PH problem in the future. 4. References Use AMA/APA citation format. 17 Points /1 /1 /1 /1 /1 /2.5 /2.5 /2.5 /2.5 /2

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