I need a professional comment on a post using information from the post to explain. Ex- I can relate to… I remember when I came across a similar situation..I understand what you are saying. Below is the post that needs to be commented on in at least 4 paragraphs. Please watch your sentence structure-spelling and grammar.

The Salvation Army New Jersey Division has two unique challenges to our internal environment that come to the forefront of my mind. They are as follows:

Change as a Disruption

Any organizational change can be considered a disruption irregardless if that change is for the better. For example, The Salvation Army recently rolled out a new financial system that will better align us with our counterparts and enable us to share data more fluently. While this is the intended results and we will eventually get to this status, it is the grunt work in between that has been an unintended disruption. Our Eastern Territory chose the new financial system with little input from the field and with limited training resources available. So while the intent of this new financial system was positive, the actual change has been negative for the organization. This has led to frustrations on both sides of the table.

At a minimum, the Eastern Territory should have conducted a Human Performance Chain as exemplified in this week’s powerpoint. By doing an in depth analysis of the internal environment, both the Eastern Territory and TSA NJ would have had more reasonable expectations for the new financial system roll out. The clarity of the task was communicated well, but the Eastern Territory’s lack of resources, feedback opportunities, individual employee performance analysis and the omittance of clear consequences/rewards has put a real dent on what was supposed to be an overall positive change.

Inconsistency of Leadership

Inconsistency of leadership has always been an issue throughout The Salvation Army. While it is common practice for TSA leadership to change every couple of years, the way in which these changes are implemented has caused significant disruption to services and programming. The Eastern Territory decides where Officers are moved with little regard to leadership style or previous experiences. Most of these changes occur during the Summer months, when programming has already begun. Newly placed Officers must take over the current programming- typically without any kind of brief- and try to continue it’s implementation to the best of their abilities. Furthermore, staff are typically alerted to moves with short notice. This often causes concerns with job security as employees are unaware of the new Officer’s leadership style or if there will be any procedure adjustments.

To combat this issue, the Eastern Territory needs to complete a more thorough internal analysis of Officers and the needs of each individual location before assigning moves. Increased input from staff who are already in place is also key. Staff can identify the programming/service challenges that each location encounters and can give the Eastern Territory a clearer idea of what type of leadership style will fit or is warranted. Furthermore, staff need to be given an adequate amount of time to prepare for the incoming Officers. Alerting staff to last minute changes can cause distrust and a lack of respect towards the new Officers before they even begin their new post.

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