1. Read the given “Analysis Notes” in file “Analysis Notes 2019.dcox” to understand how the OE/S process works, and give a textual description of your designed OE/S process including involved process roles, activities, documents, etc. Extra research work is highly suggested, if you are not familiar with sales business processes. (Minimum 400 words)

2. Create a business process integration plan using the template introduced in our course to show how the created business process should be integrated into the current IT systems and organisational body of the host company. Make reasonable assumptions if needed. (Minimum 300 words)

3. Put all above contents into a report. Your report should also contain sections of executive summary, introduction, conclusion, and references (APA6 or Havard style)

4. I have already done with the bpm diagram based on the process. You have to make a little bit of changes to that diagram

Your report in an MS Word file, plus your BPMN file.

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