I need two pages journal entry about Henry David– THOREAU “Civil Disobedience” and answering these questions

  1. To what extent do you think Thoreau’s intended audience agreed with him?
  2. What is the relation of justice to the moral view than Thoreau maintains?
  3. Thoreau provides us with a detailed account of his imprisonment (paras. 28-35). What is the ethical lesson that Thoreau learned in prison?
  4. One example of Thoreau’s use of irony is in paragraph 25. What other examples of irony seem effective in his argument?
  5. In Thoreau’s view, what is the ethical responsibility of a government to a minority population?
  6. How clear is Thoreau’s position on ethics and morality? What is most convincing to you?
  7. It is possible that Thoreau’s “Chinese philosopher” is Lao-tzu. How likely is it that Thoreau had read Lao-tzu and agreed with him?
  1. In paragraph 11 Thoreau says, “..all voting is a sort of gaming.”
  2. What does he mean by this? Is it true?
  3. What is the gaming aspect of voting?
  4. Why is Thoreau so harsh about voting?

Each point one paragraph

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