This week’s reading says that invoking “aristocratic elements in a sound democracy” means accepting the premise that some people are more fit to rule (exercise the levers of government) than others. It is thought that in designing the American system of government, our Founders felt that good government would be protected because the system would allow the cream to rise to the top in that the people, when given a choice, would ultimately chose the best and brightest among us to lead – “The Aristocratic Leaven”. Then, once elected, we should allow the leadership to govern without interference.

Think about some of the major issues of today; gun violence, border protection, climate change for example. How free have our elected leaders been to “govern without interference” from things like opinion polls and special interests. In your opinion, has extreme partisanship hindered the government’s ability to govern, in the author’s words, “in consonance with the public good”? Give examples if you like.

Three postings are required – one posting of your own and then two comments regarding other people’s postings.

The other students posts are in the file to respond to

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