In this forum, you will enter a brief case study. Generate three questions for Todd Rogers (VPHR of Moss Construction) and explain your rational.

Todd serves on the HR Advisory Board of our HR program. Todd and I are collecting your questions as an effort to build a real world case for future HRD courses. Since we are in the initial stage of the effort, please do not disseminate information about the case. Thank you for your input and understanding.

Moss is a privately held construction firm providing innovative solutions resulting in award-winning projects across the United States. Its headquarters are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. You can learn more about Moss Construction from

Todd Rogers is the Vice President of Human Resources at Moss Construction. You can lean more about Todd from the website:….

Although Moss is recognized as one of the elite construction companies in their Safety and Health Recognition Program (SHARP), Todd remains concerned about the company’s operations during emergencies. The need to improve the company’s emergency response became salient when a gun man attacked people in the Fort Lauderdale Airport early 2017 (see more on website:…). As efficient as the current security program was, the company found it difficult to get immediate connection with their construction staff in the field when emergencies occurred.

Todd wants to persuade the top management team to initiate an integrated program with a focus on emergency reactions that involve employee training and development, in addition to operational coping strategies. In order to do so, Todd needs your help. Please provide and explain three (3) Moss-related, fact-based questions so that, by answering these questions, Todd can convince the top management to invest in such an emergency response system accompanied with constant training to their employees.

Hint 1: If you feel lost, think about a needs assessment effort and target your questions to information collection about the organization, people, and task needs.

Hint 2: To ask useful questions, please avoid general why and how questions such as why Moss has to commit to this program? These questions may be important, but do not generate concrete information for the management decision-making process.

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