1)How have technological changes made an impact on Human Resource Development implementation? Discuss and answer the questions: What are some new things concerning training implementation that we can do now that we could not do before technological development? What do you think are the most promising new developments in Human Resource Development delivery or implementation? Why? Post a substantive response to the question (minimum 250 words).

2)Reply in a scholarly and substantive manner to at least two of your classmates with at least 100 words

Technological changes have transformed the Human Resource Development industry. Some of the obvious changes include; online application process, training, recruitment, sites like Zip Recruiter, Glassdoor, Indeed, LinkedIn, and so many more. Technology has made more information about talent as well as the company available in a matter of seconds. Employers can gather information about the applicants’ ethnicity, race, and in some cases religious beliefs. I recall in a previous class discussing the use of social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram to get a peek inside of the personal life of potential employees or prospective talent. As mentioned in the resource video, talent can investigate or research companies as well. Individuals are all a source of information and share information about companies that can create PR issues or benefits based on their experience and comments. The fact that both parties are enabled to gather, collect data, store data, and manage it to improve efficiency. I honestly can’t imagine working in the industry without it.

As it relates to training implementation, technology allows for a company to create digital media and content that can be used over and over again. It also makes global training/offsite training possible. In my opinion, before technological development training programs were boring and unengaging. I remember the horribly Xeroxed copies of packets, the projectors, and monotoned lectures.

The implementation can also present several challenges in a multi-generational workforce. It is difficult to train someone that don’t have the basic knowledge and education to operate the technology. Managing technological changes requires a comprehensive plan in order to be successful.

Technological changes have made an impact on Human Resource Development implementation in many ways due to technology growing fast. Werner and DeSimone (2012) stated that Human Resource development professionals are able to communicate with learners; conduct needs assessment and other administrative task; transmit course materials and training documents all because of Intranet-based training . There is also computer-based training, in which is individual self-paced format. “An additional advantage of technology-based training is it well suited to on-demand learners, that is, trainees who need greater control over when and how training is delivered” ( Werner & DeSimone, 2012). Computer- Aided instructions can be used as drill practices, workbooks and etc. CAI allows employees to continue to provide materials based off of levels for the trainee until tone is able to master the skills. Lastly, there is intelligent computer-assisted instruction that is basically a tutoring systems, in which is very flexible assistance.

Training in the workforce is has evolved throughout the years compared to before. Previously training was strictly face-to-face training and every one involved in the training process has to be in the very same state. Whereas, nowadays trainees are able to be in a different state from the trainer and are able to do the training online. Since, the training is online can be self-paced and flexible for both the trainers and trainees. I would say that the most promising new development in Human Resource Development delivery and implementation would be the computer aided learning, in which benefits both parties due to it being flexible and allowing a classroom setting online.
Werner, J.M. & DeSimone, R.L. (2012). Human resource development. Mason, OH: South-Western.

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