In no more than 750 words, please analyze the following Hypothetical Scenarios found in the Employment and Labor Law textbook (edition 9 page references):

  1. #19 on page 203 (RE: Enormous State University)
    1. Does Bloom have a legitimate complaint of sexual harassment?
    2. Would the university be held liable for Morris’ conduct?
    3. What outstanding facts would you want to know before taking action against any employees? Explain.
  2. #17 on page 151 (RE: Stith, Inc.)
    1. Does the new requirement raise any problems under Title VII? Explain.
  3. #20 on page 152 (RE: Homecare)
    1. What must HomeCare do to show that the strength test has validity under the Uniform Guidelines?
    2. Should HomeCare use a construct validity, a content validity, or a criterion-related validity approach for the strength test? Explain.

Attached are case study 1,2,3 on the textbook.

Please do some related human resource policies research while answering these questions.

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